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We Specialize in the Tough Cases

We are a Boutique law firm specializing in New Jersey Real Estate and probate law

If you own or plan to own real estate in New Jersey, your investment is covered by a complex web of laws and regulations which effect your options. If you are involved in an estate, whether as an executor, administrator, beneficiary or interested third party, there are even more complex laws and regulations that effect your rights. You need a legal team that understands the big picture and can guide you accordingly. If you have a legal problem involving real estate or probate in any way, no matter how complex, we can help. Our practice areas include:

Closings – Residential and Commercial

Landlord/Tenant Law and Ejectments

Chancery Court Litigation (Real Estate and Probate Disputes)

Wills, Probate and Estate Administration

Property Tax Appeals

Land Use Applications

Condo Conversions


  • We are a one stop shop that specializes in all areas of real estate, probate and Chancery Court law, to help you seamlessly navigate these interconnected legal areas for advantage.

  • We are accessible, reliable and professional. We always answer the phone. Our attorneys promptly call you back if they miss your call. You’ll have direct contact with your lawyer by phone, email, video call or face to face at our office. Whatever works best for you.

  • We are a team and we work that way. Even if the attorney who is primarily handling your case is out of the office or unavailable on a given day, there are always other attorneys who can jump right on it and take over if something time sensitive comes up. You will never be left in a lurch just because your attorney is on vacation.

  • We provide practical advise, based on local and real world experience – not just theory. When tough facts come up, we let our clients know exactly where they stand and what their options are: the risks vs rewards. Armed with the facts, our clients have the power to make an educated decision on which course of action is best for them.

Meet the Team


Headshot: Peter Cecinini

Peter Cecinini, Esq.

Headshot: Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross, Esq.

Headshot: James Begliomini

James Begliomini, Esq.

Headshot: Connor Sullivan

R. Connor Sullivan, Esq.

Support Staff

Headshot: Jamie Squillante

Jamie Squillante,
Legal Secretary

Headshot: Adela Ramos-Swepson

Adela Ramos-Swepson,
Legal Secretary

What can we do for you?

We offer true guidance and support that will save you time, energy and money. We always tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs, because we see you as a human being – not just another case.

  • We’ll Protect Your Rights

  • We’ll Keep You Informed

  • We’re Committed to Your Success

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We are your local legal experts, here to support and guide you. So whether you are setting up the purchase or sale of your home, dealing with a property dispute or a non-paying tenant, appealing your property taxes, or anything else related to real estate or probate law, no matter how complex, we’re here to help.

Our experienced team of lawyers will guide you through your legal journey in a professional, jargon-free and friendly way. It’s our passion for the law and our clients that make us who we are.


We work hard, because in law being prepared is imperative. Working with a lawyer should never be intimidating. We never rush our clients off the phone. We return our clients’ calls & e-mails promptly and professionally. Call (201) 354-9305 now to speak directly with an attorney, or feel free to e-mail your inquiry directly to office@cecininilaw.com. We welcome any and all questions.

  • Residential and Commercial Closings

  • Real Estate and Probate Litigation

  • Landlord-Tenant and Ejectments

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Wills, Probate and Estate Administration

  • Land Use Applications/Zoning

  • Condo Conversions


We are committed to excellence. We understand that lawyers exist mainly for life’s less pleasant moments, and we care about giving you an efficient, effective service that won’t add to the stress.

Our lawyers are experts, and we understand that laws are constantly changing. We also make it a point to educate and inform our clients and site visitors to the latest news and real estate trends. We encourage you to visit our Blog page and read more!

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