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Bayonne Revaluation – Some Helpful Tips and Why You Might Still Be Over-Assessed Even If Your Taxes Went Down

Published On: March 12th, 2020Categories: Tax Appeal

It is still early days, but we have noticed a few patterns already in the Bayonne revaluation. And there are a few tricks that you can use to help ensure your taxes stay as low as possible. For example:

– Make sure you let the inspectors in! This ensures you get a fair assessment to begin with. If the inspectors were unable to get in the first time, call ASI now and ask them to send an inspector back. Why? State law allows the assessor to make assumptions if you don’t let them in, and their assumption will be that you have the most beautiful interior that could possibly be imagined. If you let them in, no matter how nice your house actually is inside, you will almost certainly get a significantly lower assessment than if you don’t let them in.

– Make sure the reval got your square footage right! Your assessment is based on the square footage of your house. Generally speaking the bigger the square footage, the higher your assessment (and taxes) will be. Generally speaking, the City cannot include the square footage of garages, unfinished basements (any portion without a sheet-rocked ceiling), or any areas with less than 7′ between the floor to the ceiling (think dormer rooms in an attic). We have had a series of clients inform us that the reval raised their square footage on the tax record and did include such areas in the number. Attached is the latest reval list (2-27-20) with the square footages included so you can easily check. Just press ctrl-f and search for your address.

– Make sure your proposed assessment is correct, just because your taxes went down doesn’t mean you are not still over-paying! Property taxes = value of the property (assessment) X tax rate. If the 2020 Assessed Value you got from the revaluation is higher than what you think you can sell your house for, you might have a case regardless of what the actual taxes are. Don’t leave money on the table!

– Remember the deadline to file a tax appeal in Bayonne this year is May 1, 2020 due to the reval.

If you think you might have a case, or if you don’t know and want to find out, just give us a call at 201-354-9305 or e-mail us at office@cecininilaw.com.

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