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Closings – Residential & Commercial

We Close Deals while protecting our clients

If you own real estate your investment is covered by a myriad of laws and regulations. Your attorney needs to be detail oriented, knowledgeable in all areas of law effecting your property, and paying attention. They need to help you understand the risks of any decisions you make and help protect you from adverse outcomes, but also facilitate getting the job done and closing the deal.

We specialize in offering our clients the “big picture”

Any attorney will tell you that buying a property is not like buying a ham sandwich. There are true “gotcha” risks involved and once you close they are your problem. Things like environmental contamination, unexpected added tax assessments, unexpected rent controls, bad tenants, technically illegal apartments and unperfected bulk sale reporting are just some of these risks that immediately come to mind. As a seller, you often have all the leverage until the moment you enter into a contract. But once you are under contract the wrong buyer can make a seller’s life, and goal of selling the property, very difficult – especially if the contract is not written with certain protections in place. It is crucial that your attorney be knowledgeable of many areas of the law – not just contracts but also property tax, landlord-tenant, land use, environmental and municipal law to name a few.

However not only must your attorney advise and protect you as much as possible from the many risks involved in any real estate transaction, it is also our job to get the deal closed! This can be a conflicting mandate and requires walking a fine line. Of course in an ideal world you would get every contract concession you want from the other side, and be 100% protected from any risks. But of course that never happens. A good attorney advises its client of the risks involved and what they really mean. This does not mean just scaring a client away from a deal, it means telling the client exactly how things could play out and what the likelihoods are either way. A good attorney advises their clients how they can reduce the risks without crafting the contract in a way that the other side walks away from the deal. A good attorney doesn’t kill deals when adversity comes up, he or she finds a way – when possible – to address the issues in dispute in a fair way that everyone can agree to. This often requires “out of the box” thinking, and is helped by lots of experience in similar situations in the past. We provide all of this to our clients and we get the job done.

Real Estate Purchase and Sale FAQ’s

Purchasing or selling real estate can be extremely complex. One of the most important things a good attorney does for their client is “issue spotting”. This means knowing the questions to ask, with a look out for potential red flags that may or may not become serious issues in a client’s case. It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By issue-spotting in advance, potential problems can often be completely avoided in the first place.

Click here for our real estate FAQ and risk mitigation page which can help you issue-spot and avoid some common pitfalls in your own transactions. If you are not an experienced buyer or seller of real estate in New Jersey, it also provides some general real estate advice written by an attorney who handles hundreds of transactions per year and owns their own personal real estate investments. Finally it will help to manage your expectations for how a transaction typically moves forward in New Jersey, so that your expectations will be in line with those of others in the deal and to avoid unexpected surprises at the closing table or after.

We specialize in all areas of real estate law. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call (201) 354-9305 now to speak directly with an attorney, or feel free to e-mail your inquiry directly to office@cecininilaw.com. We welcome your questions!

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