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Commercial Evictions Are Back!

Published On: June 4th, 2021Categories: Landlord-Tenant

As you may know, Covid executive order 106 did not stop commercial evictions. But the NJ Supreme Court decided not to schedule commercial evictions for trial since the order was signed anyway. Finally, they have allowed commercial evictions to move forward again. A copy of the order is attached. This is great news for any landlord with a commercial property, as these are the ones who got hit hardest by the pandemic, and they will finally get some relief! There will be a backlog, but nowhere near as much as the backlog for residential cases.

Hopefully residential evictions will start again by the end of this summer, but there are a few bills pending in the legislature which may effect how that plays out. We will keep our eyes out, and remember to contact your legislators to let them know that most landlords are small time, only own one or two buildings, and rely on their investment for retirement the way others rely on a 401k. Landlords have rights too, and they have an obligation to pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance whether their tenants pay the rent or not.

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