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Do I need to hire an appraiser as part of this process?

In a residential tax appeal an appraisal is not always necessary to prove home values. A listing of comparable sales may often suffice. However, in higher-value residential properties — defined as those valued at $500,000.00 or higher – or in commercial cases, it is highly recommended that appellants obtain a preliminary appraisal report to support their claim.

The up-front cost of a county-ready appraisal report is generally in the hundreds of dollars, and almost always pays for itself in the first tax season that you realize savings. Each year your assessment stands thereafter the entire amount of savings goes directly to you. Even if you account for paying an appraiser to provide a report, the better result in the end will usually pay for itself, and will most likely save you more money in future tax years than if you had not hired an appraiser to begin with.

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