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Landlord/Tenant Law & Ejectments

Representing landlords and property owners

Whether you have a problem tenant, a squatter who won’t leave, or any other problem involving possession of real estate – we can help!

Representing landlords and property owners in a tough Legal climate

If you have been a landlord for a long time, you probably already know that most tenants are good tenants. They pay the rent every month, don’t damage their apartments, don’t quarrel with other tenants, and otherwise just want to live their life in peace – just like you do. But when you get a bad tenant they can make life extremely difficult. Unfortunately since 2020 New Jersey’s landlord-tenant laws, as well as the Court directives regarding the enforcement of these laws, have been getting worse and worse for landlords. Sometimes a landlord who hasn’t been paid any rent in more than a year walks into a courtroom for the eviction, and gets the impression that the court sees them as the bad guy. Certainly if there is any legal technicality that a judge can use to keep a tenant in its apartment longer, that judge is likely to enforce it. And landlord-tenant law is full of technicalities, and if there is any question the tenant usually gets the benefit of the doubt – not the landlord. Let’s be honest. Nobody becomes a judge so they can put people out of their apartments, even if it is well deserved. But at the same time if nobody paid their rent, then nobody would build apartment buildings for people to live in!

An even worse situation to be in is where you never intended to rent an apartment to someone, yet they refuse to leave! It can be the former owners of a foreclosed-on property who will neither vacate the property nor pay rent, or an old friend who promised to only stay for a few days but now refuses to leave your couch. It can be a brother who just won’t leave your deceased parents’ house (making it impossible to liquidate per the will), or a seller who over-stays on a use and occupancy agreement, or any other number of situations where there is no clear landlord-tenant relationship. In these cases the only way to get this person out of your property is to file an ejectment action. The rules surrounding ejectments are very different from those involving a tenant and require substantial pleadings, service issues and specific legal arguments.

We specialize in guiding our clients through the maze of laws, regulations and actual practices that effect having tenants. Whether a non-pay case, or a notice case for lease violations, destruction of property, threats to the landlord or worse, or rent control or ordinance violations such as for illegal apartments, we help our clients fix their problems while minimizing their damages. We have the expertise to guide our clients through the many pitfalls they face in this legal world where it often feels that they are being treated like the “bad guys” by the court system. Our advise is practical and based on real world experience. And whatever a tenant or occupant can throw at you, whether a counter-claim and motion to move to law division as a delay tactic, or falsely reporting you to governmental agencies, or anything else, it is almost certain we have dealt with a similar situation before and can give you real world legal advise on how best to handle it. We are very comfortable making legal arguments in front of judges and trying cases in an over-crowded landlord-tenant summary court system where almost any unexpected legal argument can be thrown at a landlord at any time.

We specialize in all areas of real estate law. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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