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More Jersey City Revaluation Developments…

Published On: April 16th, 2016Categories: Tax Appeal
Judge Shultz

Judge Shultz has ruled against Jersey City in its 2014 revaluation breach of contract case.

More revaluation-related bad news for Mayor Fulop this week. The City was sued after he cancelled the 2014 revaluation without paying the reval company the remaining $984,000.00 that was due under their contract, and now Judge Shultz of the Hudson County Superior Court has ruled against Jersey City in this lawsuit. After paying over $325,000.00 in legal fees (so far) the City lost the lawsuit and will have to pay nearly $1 million in damages to Realty Appraisal Company. Mayor Fulop says he will appeal the decision, which will cost the taxpayer even more in legal fees.

Mayor Fulop has at the same time declared that Jersey City will comply with the State’s revaluation Order, with an Ordered completion date (for now) of November 2017.

NJTV News Covers the Reval

Here’s a short local news video about some issues relevant to the upcoming Jersey City revaluation. NJTV news is on the frontier of “new media”, hyper-local news coverage. Their video quality is getting better lately, though the nature of new media is generally low budget and there’s nothing wrong with that. A “shout out” to Tommy Stack of Stack and Stack Real Estate in Hoboken, featured in the video and whom I am proud to work together with on many of my Hudson County tax appeals.

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