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North Bergen Municipal Ordinances as of June 2017

Published On: July 31st, 2017Categories: Real Estate Law

Every once in a while I OPRA a public record that is not made available online, but which really should be. A month or so ago, I needed to research an ordinance in North Bergen due to an issue that came up in a real estate transaction I was handling. I soon realized that North Bergen is one of the few remaining municipalities which has not codified its ordinances and posted them online. Well I can’t codify them myself, but I OPRA’d all the ordinances and had the municipality forward me an electronic version so I could post it here for anyone’s quick reference. I hope this is helpful to those needing a quick answer to a legal question, and thank the township attorney for his timely response in compiling all the documents that make up the Township’s ordinances as it stands at this time. It was no small feat, as you can probably tell from the attachment.

Caveat is, I am simply posting what the Township attorney forwarded to me and I do not guarantee that it is correct or that it has not changed since I received the documents.

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