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Real Estate Legal Services

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closings

When acquiring or transferring one of your biggest assets, you need to minimize risk and maximize opportunity. This requires legal representation with real world experience in not just closings, but all the areas of law that apply to the real estate involved.

We handle literally hundreds of transactions per year and have the real world experience, and frankly a big enough sample size, to advise on industry standards and to issue-spot potential problems – before they become problems. We don’t just have experience in contracts and closings property taxation, zoning/land use law, landlord-tenant law and real estate litigation. We can assist you with anything that could realistically become an issue in your closing, before or after the sale.

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Real Estate Purchases

If you’re in the market to buy real estate, you’ll want to enlist the services of a real estate lawyer to help complete the purchase. Real estate lawyers help in various ways, including conducting a title search, securing title insurance, registering the home, drawing up various statements and ensuring that the financial transaction takes place on closing day.

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Real Estate Sales

Selling real estate can be a stressful situation, and when the time comes, an experienced real estate lawyer can make all the difference. A real estate lawyer helps by performing a title search to ensure there aren’t any defects, drafting the deed for the buyer, calculating closing costs and on closing day, they will make sure the transaction takes place.

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Added tax assessments (property tax increases often 20% or more higher than the previous rate) can surprise a new purchaser and there is usually no notice to the purchaser’s title and mortgage companies. Does your attorney understand what triggers an added assessment and what the possible consequences are to your bottom line?

Deals sometimes fall through because of a seller’s inability to adequately address tenancy issues at their property. Does your attorney have a deep knowledge of landlord-tenant law and what your options are?

If you are buying a property with current tenants, does your attorney fully understand the consequences of the leases you are acquiring? Does your attorney know what is important to look for in leases and how to deal with and correct issues if they are not addressed in the lease?

The NJ Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) can make a property owner liable for triple damages regardless of whether they knew about rent control regulations at time of purchase. In many municipalities rent control only applies when the property is not owner-occupied. Purchasing a property that is not currently rent-controlled does not necessarily mean it won’t be the moment you close.

Does your attorney know about the CFA and its application to rent controlled tenancies?

If a deal goes bad (sometimes very bad) is your attorney comfortable & experienced with litigating civil cases in Superior Court?

Does your attorney have the ability to advise you on the possible risks of such litigation prior to entering into it?

If your attorney doesn’t have a deep understanding of the above issues and more, you are taking an unnecessary risk with your most important purchase. Before you hire an attorney to handle your closing, ask them about the above issues and anything else you are unsure about now that you are about to buy or sell a particular property. If you don’t feel comfortable with the answers, or if the attorney refuses to answer your questions, you will know what you are getting for your money.

We are not a real estate closing “mill”. When we handle your closing you get personalized attention and an attorney with a complete background in the important areas of law relevant to owning property. There is more to being a real estate attorney than simply “doing” closings. You should be represented by someone with a background in all areas of real estate law, because they are all related.

We specialize in real estate closings

Because of our background, we can often spot problems before they kill deals. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure every time. When unanticipated problems come up, we have the knowledge and flexibility to respond quickly. An out of the box solution can often save a deal that was about to fall apart.

We are not shy. There are many moving parts to any closing, and follow-up is key. We go beyond our minimum obligations and make sure everyone involved in the deal is doing what needs to get done for the deal to close, even if that means sometimes we have to pick up the slack.

We specialize in all areas of real estate law. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call (201) 354-9305 now to speak directly with an attorney, or feel free to e-mail your inquiry directly to office@cecininilaw.com. We welcome your questions!

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