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Actions for Adverse Possession in New Jersey


When someone exercises ownership and control over a piece of property long enough in New Jersey, it can become theirs under the doctrine of Adverse Possession. It sounds simple enough but there are a number of requirements that make such actions relatively rare. Here's how it works. Although the doctrine of Adverse Possession began in common law, it was later codified by statute at NJSA 2A:14-30 which states: “Thirty years' actual possession of any real estate excepting woodlands or uncultivated tracts, and 60 years' actual possession of woodlands or uncultivated tracts,  uninterruptedly continued by occupancy, descent, conveyance or otherwise, shall, in [...]

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Which eviction records are public and which are not?


With evictions still taking an unreasonably long time from filing to getting to trial, landlords have no choice but to be extra careful who they rent to. After all whether the courts move quickly or not, whether their tenants pay them or not, landlords still have to pay their taxes, mortgage, water/sewer and other costs on time every month. A single non-paying tenant can put a landlord in debt or worse by the time the courts finally process the eviction. A credit check, proof of employment and that it is a long term position, and other background research is critical in [...]

Which eviction records are public and which are not?2023-04-28T02:30:13+00:00
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