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There’s nothing more expensive than a “cheap” real estate attorney

Published On: July 21st, 2023Categories: Real Estate Law

About a year ago, a potential client inquired about our representation for a real estate closing on a particular property. Before getting under contract, he found another attorney who would charge him $150 less and he decided to go with that attorney. Recently this same potential client reached out to us again, with a problem at the property he purchased. There was a major encroachment blocking his driveway and he wanted to force his new neighbor to remove it. Unfortunately, upon reviewing the details closer, it turns out the encroachment is completely legal. It was approved by a subdivision when the properties were in joint ownership years ago and is almost certainly protected by an equitable easement.

As a matter of course, whenever our Office handles a closing for a buyer we order an OPRA request for the client. We also carefully review the title binder AND the survey, and let the client know if there are any potential encroachments or other issues that could be problematic for them in the future. Providing this extra level of service and risk mitigation for our clients takes time but is extremely important. If we had represented this gentleman for the closing, it is very likely that the encroachment would have been discovered and dealt with at that time and at the seller’s cost. Now there is nothing that can be done.

Of course cost matters and hiring a slightly more expensive attorney does not necessarily mean you will get better service. But cost should be a secondary factor when deciding on a professional to represent you. What is most important is that the attorney knows what they are doing, is accessible and answers your questions, and provides a level of professionalism in their work product that will protect the tremendous investment that is a real estate purchase. We are proud to provide this level of service to our clients at Cecinini Law Group.

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